Friday, April 29, 2011

little things

photo by jen hosking

'enjoy the little things, for one day you will realise they were the big things'.
                         robert brault

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It has been 6 months since Sunday died. The past months have been some of the most difficult of our life. Thankfully I have been able to take time out from my regular routine to reflect on the events past to try to make some sense out of such a sudden and unexpected loss. I have been drawn to everything I know to be authentic in my life in order to get through this devastating experience and still genuinely smile and feel good about life. It often feels surreal, to be taken to such depths of pain and agony to then surface again to find meaning and hope in life. It can be exhausting stuff but somehow empowering, the resilience of the human spirit can be amazing. Each night before I sleep I glance across at a beautiful photograph of Sunday that sits beside my bed to remember her in my arms once more.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

hanging plants

The last few weeks I have been thinking about purchasing an indoor plant. I have seen a few examples at various shops & cafes and have also noticed the emergence of macrame.  I eventually made my 'plant' discovery at a local shop in Sydney Road called mr kitly a lovely shop/gallery filled with lots of inspirational things, ideas & macrame. I found something that goes by the name of 'string of pearls',(sencio rawleyanus, for my learned plant friends) & it's exactly the type of plant I have been looking for.
Here's a little snap of the shop courtesy of mr kitly.