Friday, September 9, 2011


Spring is in the air, new growth is beginning to appear, transformation is somewhat insight.
From the dark depths of despair, a small bud appears, to symbolise an element of hope. The tiny bud it struggled to survive so it huddled below the chill of the cold winters' air. It imagined itself growing into a beautiful tree, with branches lapping the edge of the sky and deep roots penetrating the rich soil below. It lay very still waiting and waiting till the time was right. Then it lifted its head, felt the warmth in the air, it stretched out a branch and let out an enormous sigh, "Spring is here", it sang to the wind. Then the tree grew and grew not wanting to stop. Until one day when the time felt right, all the work was complete, the graceful tree stopped. It basked in the sun and remembered a time not too long ago when it lay there waiting for the warm wind to appear.

Friday, September 2, 2011

two souls collide

When two souls collide it takes courage to go, on
a free fall to the darkness that opens below.
But look beyond the surface for a bright world will emerge,
with curious creatures around every curve.
Have you ever had that feeling when everything seems right
you've found a place with people and you realise it's alright.
Almost down to the minute I can hear a clock chime.
In a universe that is endless but so terribly small.
I do love that tingle when it sneaks up real close
and embraces your soul, for a moment time stops, remember take a breath for things that matter are close,
and you realise the energy that comes with great loss.
Just stretch out your arms and you will feel a soul glide by,
on a warm wind that flows high up to the sky.