Saturday, January 19, 2013

another year

Christmas has washed over us for another year. The tree has been removed and the last of the decorations have been put away.
All the hype and anticipation has drifted into a new year.

Our days are now spent floating in the ocean and rejuvenating our souls. I shut my eyes in the hot sun, contemplating ideas and fondly remembering times that have passed. Many long hot summers spent on a beach somewhere along Australia's vast coast.

I plunge myself into the ocean and wash away all that burdens me, my soul feels cleansed.
I dive freely under the waves surfacing to look at our beautiful coastline and for that moment I am happy to be alive.
What is this innate desire that leads us to the beach. Like some primal longing deep below our surface. It must be fulfilled when the time is right, when the ocean is slightly warmer and the temperature begins to rise.
Only then can my soul be set free in the deep blue water that surrounds this unique island of ours.