Monday, August 29, 2011

open letter to an art teacher

Thank you for opening my eyes to art and composition,
for showing me the subtlety of colour,
and inspiring me with artists who work at moving paint poetically across a canvas.
My appreciation has evolved and become slightly clearer, but I will always remember it's humble beginnings filled with curiosity and perhaps trepidation.
I continue to be inspired by my environment as it gently wraps itself around me.
From beautiful photographic images that expose a tender soul to subtle street art curiously pasted to a cold brick wall.
Creativity and all that it encompasses is a treasure to behold.
So thank you once again for sharing your appreciation, for it permeates my soul.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have quite enjoyed winter this year. My preference is usually toward warmer weather, but this year I have found reasons to enjoy winter. Firstly I think investing in a pair of ugg boots was in fact a wise decision. Blankets over the knee at night another smart choice. The purchase of a new cookbook has helped to inspire some lovely home cooked dinners and finally harvesting olives and persimmons from our small, but productive garden.

We have spent the past few months picking and curing olives, making persimmon chutney and the occasional 'percy pudding'. Our kitchen bench has been home to olives curing on rock salt and boxes of persimmons collected from our tree have spilled onto the floor.

There's something to be said about growing, harvesting and bottling one's own produce. It gathers people together for a shared experience, cause we always need a bit of help from family and friends. Thanks to everyone who helped in the production this year. Looking forward to next years' harvest. Perhaps we'll add a bit of wine making and sausage making to the mix next year!