Wednesday, March 9, 2011

expecting the unexpected

Life does not always turn out the way we expect and certainly in our experience it has certainly thrown up something rather unexpected. We can plan our lives, have hopes & dreams but only to a point. It is the twists & turns & unpredictability that make us who we are. It is our ability to adapt to change & make something out of a difficult situation. The experience of losing our daughter has touched the core of our soul & whilst it is not a pleasant experience I will never view it as a negative experience. It is part of the cycle of life & death, bringing someone into the world is an amazing event just as death is an amazingly powerful event. There is the feeling of absolute freedom in death, it is unfortunate that it also conjures up negative & fearful emotions. I aim to draw strength from this situation & a greater understanding of how the human spirit copes with the unexpected.


  1. so beautifully said. it touched my heart. thank you.

  2. If I never said it to you before, you are an amazing woman. I did not know about Sunday. Thankyou for sharing. XXX