Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Shopping from a market can be so much more fulfilling than walking down a supermarket aisle (although our local supermarket has a very different feel to most).

photo by jen hosking

In a market place people feel free to connect with each other, unexpected conversations are had, impromptu recipes exchanged and there is always beautiful produce in wonderful arrays of colour and texture on display to inspire the next cooking adventure.

photo by jen hosking

A market place is the heart beat of a city. People busily rushing about finding fresh produce for their evening meals, family dinners or extra special guests. I admire the groups of older people catching up for their weekly chat and coffee and it makes me happy to see old friends sharing stories.

photo by jen hosking

The market is my sacred place in a world that can sometimes lack depth and authenticity. It's a great place to watch the world go by. I breathe in the market ambience and think about my grandparents soaking up the market air and selecting their weekly produce, many years ago.

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