Thursday, February 16, 2012

stuff to do in a crisis

I did my ritual walk around the park this morning, taking in the fresh air and admiring the beautiful trees. As I walk I like to let my thoughts unravel, people pop into mind and I think about conversations we might have, ideas and things to do float into my mind and the walk inspires the rest of my day.
Before my walk this morning I had a catch up chat with my niece (who lives interstate), she's the sort of person I could talk to forever but when she told me she was doing laps in the supermarket I thought it only fair to release her from our conversation. Anyway when I returned from walking, she had send me an email containing the following list.  I really adore it and want to share it with you.

"Stuff to do in a crisis...... to help with the mending process"

          Run yourself a bath
       Listen to music you love
      Eat good food (Thats anything delicious) forget about the calories. (jelly)
       Enjoy fresh air. (I would suggest the back deck under the olive tree)
       Give yourself time, to get through an entire magazine.
        Light candles
         Keep fresh flowers in the house. (Stolen ones are the best)  Take short strolls in the neighbourhood. (you never know who will come across for a simple chat)
        Book in Yoga/ Naturopath....all the essential remedial.
        Drink tonnes of tea.
       Chat when you need to chat, listen when you need to listen
        Take Lots of naps, don’t feel guilty... even if its a perfect day outside.
         Buy yourself a treat.
         Wear good undies...
         Bright colours are good.        Take a drive in the country
        Find something to SORT.
        Avoid smelly shopping centres. (On this point... if you can walk into a shopping centre with one thong, YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS.)

       Don’t avoid the washing up.

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  1. Oh thank you both for this lovely list- in fact good advice for all types of crisis.